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If there's one thing I adore its religious imagery in art and literature. I simply adore it. One of my favourite things about writing The Church On The Hill was being able to include little Biblical images as well as writing my own pseudo-sermons on love and acceptance.

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I’m going to be leaving my job at the end of July. I’m not going to have a steady decent income for at least a year and I’m gonna have some fees to pay when I leave this job and give up my house. In order to get some cash together I’m promoting my book The Church On The Hill and offering commissions. Find out more about that on amazon or at my Patreon page.

Usual rates are £10 (GBP) per 1000 words but that is negotiable and if I go over I tend to round down in price.

If you want something quick and simple, just send me a message and donate to my ko-fi account or my paypal! Links are on my about page and please feel free to ask me anything else you want to know! I’m happy to work to specific plots or ideas as well as going out on a limb and working freestyle. It’s a completely bespoke service.

I'm happy to work on original plots and characters as well as fanfiction - anything goes.

The Church On The Hill eBook: Theo Newnham: Kindle Store

The Church On The Hill eBook: Theo Newnham: Kindle Store

So, in March I published a book. I'm proud of this and I'm hoping it will do well, or at least as well as a self published LGBT+ romance can do. Here's the summary for you:

The Church On The Hill is a late 18th century romance story set on an island in the Irish sea. It centers around the meeting of Owain, a priest who struggles with reconciling his beliefs with his identity, and Edward, an escaped convict hiding from the law and his own past.

After a violent storm leaves Edward injured and washed on the shore, Owain takes the man's life into his own hands. But the arrival of this stranger brings to light thoughts and feelings Owain had tried to leave behind. Meanwhile Edward must come to terms with the life he has lived, leaning on his new friend for help.

But will the temptation stirring between them grow too strong to ignore? And will it be their downfall when the law comes looking?

As they become closer, they must learn that how they see themselves is more important than how the world might see them.

Find it here in both paperback and Kindle/ebook format! [[IMAGE:[[22761